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What we do

We focus on preventing and identifying defects.

  • Consultancy
  • Quality control and Audits
  • Supplier Development
  • Product Development


With its headquarters and base of operations located in China, we are the direct connection throughout all phases of the process as required.


Finished Product Inspections

Evaluation of finished products for compliance prior to shipment.


Production Inspections

Production time and product quality are tracked to ensure accordance with the customer’s schedule and quality requirements.


Fit for Use

we verify products from the user's point of view to check its functionality. The user's manual is verified in detail, the assembly and operation tests are carried out following the instructions described in the manual, which identifies the inconsistencies, errors and ease of following the procedures directed to the user. The report is delivered describing each of the steps in which inconsistencies were found, evaluating the manual and the assembly and operation process and suggesting improvements.


Factory Audit

we do the on-site verification activity, factory condition, capacity, a process or quality system, to ensure compliance with requirements.


Product Development

We work with clients on creating products with new or modified specifications that offer new or additional benefits. This process may involve modifying existing products or formulating an entirely new product that meets the client’s needs.


Supplier Development

we assist on supplier research in Asia and work alongside our clients to implement a production process that best fits their final product.



Quality is the primary factor of price negotiation. All factors that influence the product’s pricing are evaluated to reach a satisfactory results.


Witness Testing

we asist vendors ensuring they carrie out the factory acceptance tests in accordance with the specifications and other requirements.

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Quality Inspections

Supplier Developments

Product Developments

Business Consulting

Our Projects
Non stop improving

Consultation: Our clients trust and rely on our opinion in making decisions in their projects.

Quality inspections: Most of our projects verify quality at some point in the process.

"Fit For Use" inspections: Some projects require verification of the perfect interaction of the end user with the product.

Witness testing: Some projects require extra attention in some special tests.

Quality inspections
"Fit For Use" inspections
Witness testing

Our Phylosophy

Not only with education and experience but also intuition, ingenuity, precision and efficiency, we, at Cincobox deliver effective and reliable solutions for your business.

The organization
Available When You Need Us

The organization is the foundation to a competitive edge and growth. In order to ensure a sustainable development and the completion of goals, Cincobox focuses on costumer care and the market change demands, creating a comprehensive system of continued improvement.

Around the world

Cincobox has achieved its client’s trust through the delivery of effective services. In addition, Cincobox builds strong communication and support that promotes solid strategies and cooperation.

Committed to the future

Suppliers are important partners to Cincobox. Strict commercial regulations and demanding quality control are the foundation to long term collaboration and the achievement of mutual benefits..

Always engaged

Cincobox’s personnel is its most valuable resource. Each member’s contribution to the team assist in achieving a goal. Cinocbox highly focuses on team collaboration, innovation and responsibility, while providing an adequate working environment.

Social responsibility
Also our cause

Cincobox believes in individual wellness, prosperity and effective organization in return to society. Cincobox focuses all its efforts to create a harmonious and fraternal relationship with the community and assumes corresponding responsibilities.


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From our headquarters and base of operations located in China, there will be always somebody of our team ready to help you. You can send us an e-mail info@cincobox.com or leave your comments and contact details here:


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